Launched a new plugin – Wp ajax user chat

This is a new plugin added to by me. I have created this plugin for persons who need their website users to chat internally. This is the most basic version as this is my first plugin release. I will be working on creating new functionality and enhancing the plugin.This plugin is the first ever simplest user to user wordpress chat plugin which is based on ajax web technology.

WordPress registered users can chat with each other from front-end by using this plugin. The only thing you need to do is to get users registered to your website make them log in and after log in they can chat with each other.

Need more details about the plugin?

Here is the link WordPress Ajax User Chat Plugin


Author: Ronak Dave

Hello all, By profession I am a PHP WordPress web Developer and I like blogging. I like to learn new things in life and traveling.

2 thoughts on “Launched a new plugin – Wp ajax user chat”

  1. Congrats for this great plugin, I just have these doubts:
    1-How many users conextions does this plugin supports?
    2-Will this Plugin consume a lot of resources from my hosting?
    Thanks for keeping up your excelent work and help for start-ups like me.


    1. My plugin had nothing to do with number of users. There are no restrictions. The plug-in which I’ve created is really light in size and it won’t use much of the server resource as it is using Ajax for sending and receiving messages. Still it depends upon the number of users using the website, hosting providers have their own limitations. If your users are many then you will need a good hosting. Hope this helps!


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