Happiness of giving

Happiness of giving is always greater then the joy of getting… 🙂

Launched a new plugin – Wp ajax user chat

This is a new plugin added to wordpress.org by me. I have created this plugin for persons who need their website users to chat internally. This is the most basic version as this is my first plugin release. I will be working on creating new functionality and enhancing the plugin.This plugin is the first ever simplest user to user wordpress chat plugin which is based on ajax web technology.

WordPress registered users can chat with each other from front-end by using this plugin. The only thing you need to do is to get users registered to your website make them log in and after log in they can chat with each other.

Need more details about the plugin?

Here is the link WordPress Ajax User Chat Plugin


My first plugin on wordpress.org

Hey guys check out my first plugin on wordpress.org. It is a small plugin but it can be very useful to many 🙂

Here is the link https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-click-to-call-calledin/


WordPress plugin developer, joomla module developer

I have been developing few plugins in my current company. There have been lots of difficult tasks when i developed those plugins but as time passed it became easier for me. First when i was not a programmer i used to think how it would be possible and how people develops small, medium and large size applications.
Then i realized that its not a single person who builts everything there is a team which gives equal dedication.
Now i’m capable of developing small and medium size plugins modules and components in wordpress and joomla, I really feel good about this and feel strong sometimes internally that now i’m capable of achieving website’s functionality.

Always remember

More you go closer to someone, you are getting away from many…

It is good that there is some one special in your life but you should never leave your loved ones that you already have.